The Socially Responsible Practitioner shares perspectives from throughout our diverse Adler University community on issues of social justice and education aligned with our mission, vision, values and founding principles. We share posts broadly on Adler University’s social media platforms.

Who blogs? Our faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, community partners and advocates. Their expertise, experience, and insights on current events and issues tell our Adler University story.

Who reads it? Our readership is broad and external: prospective students, our University community including alumni, academics and professionals in a wide range of fields, social justice advocates, media professionals, philanthropic leaders, those within government, community leaders and activists, and many others.

What does it cover? Our blog covers the social justice and education topics we’re talking about within our diverse University community. Our blog does not promote events. However, posts may provide perspective, expert insight and additional context for events taking place. For example, bloggers may talk about personal experience or research on an issue that a particular event addressed or will be addressing.

How can I submit a post? Refer to the guidelines below in writing your post, which reflect best practices and provide a consistent format for our readers. The guidelines also are criteria by which the University Department of Marketing and Communications—which manages the blog—selects posts for publication.

  1. All posts must align with Adler University and its mission, vision, values and/or programs.
  2. Posts can be written by faculty or staff members, students, alumni, or community partners who are aligned with and actively support our mission, vision, values, and/or programs.
  3. Posts must be written and published by an individual person under his or her name–not an anonymous individual, or a department or organization. This keeps the conversation personal and real.
  4. Posts can be a few paragraphs, or can be published as a series of 2 or 3 posts.
  5. Use short paragraphs (no more than 2-3 sentences) for easiest on-screen reading.
  6. Use your own “voice” and write in the first person. Be conversational! Write as if you were writing or talking to a friend–because in a sense, you are.
  7. Use language and explanations that are easily understood by a broad general audience. Your readers likely will include people learning more about the issue, your field, or Adler through your post.
  8. Include a call to action and/or link for more information—ideally to adler.edu–for your readers. Feel free to include links to other articles, sites and references that will help someone better understand your subject.
  9. Provide a short bio that includes your Adler University affiliation (see any post on this blog to see an example).
  10. Provide a professional color “head shot” in JPG format that can be published alongside your post. Alternately, you can send a color photo relevant to your subject. By submitting any photo, you are confirming that you are providing or have secured permissions and unlimited/royalty-free rights if applicable, for Adler University to publish the photo on the blog. Contact marketing@adler.edu if you have questions about this or would like our help in supplying a relevant photo.

Send your photo and submission to bio to marketing@adler.edu. Adler University’s Marketing and Communications Department will respond to confirm your submission. If it’s chosen for publication, we’ll work with you on edits if recommended and confirm a publication date.

Looking forward to hearing from you!