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Live from The Adler School: UX for Good

Ray Crossman, president of The Adler School, presenting to the UX team tackling the community health challenge.

It’s a busy day here at The Adler School Chicago campus as we continue hosting the two-day UX for Good–an unprecedented effort bringing together 40 top UX designers, 10 visual designers, leaders from the nonprofit world, and a team of eager volunteers to reimagine the way we meet social challenges.

Among the five challenges UX teams are addressing is community mental heath, in partnership The Adler School and our President Ray Crossman:

“Professional psychologists have a lot more to offer than treating individual neuroses and leading group therapy. As a global community, we’d be healthier if access to the tools of their trade were much more widely available. The problem is that therapy, as we know it, only works for some people. In fact, it’s only really available to a small number of those who want or need it. Embracing the knowledge that people can’t be healthy in isolation, bonds become key to our health as individuals and communities.

If our goal is community health and social responsibility, then we must re-imagine the role of the professional psychologist outside of a one-on-one relationship. We can’t solve these challenges one person at a time; it’s not scalable.”

Looking forward to the team’s presentation of its solutions tonight!

Check out more on what they’re doing at the UX for Good: Community Health Challenge blog here and watch live streaming from the conference here.