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Mark your calendar for discussion on ‘Religion: The Black LGBTQ Experience’

On May 21, the Adler School’s LGBTQ Mental Health and Inclusion Center and Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE) will present “Religion: The Black LGBTQ Experience.”  Join us for discussion on internal and external conflicts for African-American sexual minorities that are created when religious and sexual orientation identities do not reconcile with each other.  Learn about … Continue reading »

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Institute on Social Exclusion: Upcoming events on mental health impact, urban mental health and more

The Adler School’s Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE) has a busy series of events and presentations coming up, beginning this week with Executive Director Lynn Todman’s panel presentation at the first-ever National Health Impact Assessment Meeting in Washington D.C. Here is the schedule: April 3-4: Inaugural National Health Impact Assessment Meeting, Washington, D.C. Lynn Todman, Ph.D., Executive Director … Continue reading »

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A reflection on conversation on hierarchies of identity, coming out, racism, and colorism

In today’s post, guest blogger Katrina Sanford, MA, a doctoral student here at the Adler School, reflects on an event hosted last term by the School’s Institute on Social Exclusion. The panel discussion “A Conversation: Hierarchies of Identity, Coming Out, Racism and Colorism”  was the first in a series of events intended to reframe mainstream LGBTQ discourse on salient … Continue reading »

Conferences & Events / School Projects / Social Issues

Mark your calendar: CEU program Dec. 8 on LGBTQ substance abuse & treatment

The Adler School’s recently established LGBTQ Mental Health and Inclusion Center has partnered with  Chicago Lakeshore Hospital to host a free professional development program next Thursday, Dec.  8:  on the complexity of substance use in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community.  The program, “LGBTQ Substance Abuse and Treatment,” will examine substance abuse through individual, community, and societal lenses … Continue reading »