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Meeting public safety challenges 
with socially just solutions.

Meeting public safety challenges
with socially just solutions.

    Monday, June 10, 2013

  • Social Exclusion Simulation (+)

    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Chicago Campus


    The ISE’s Social Exclusion Simulation (SES) is a role-play exercise that allows participants to see the ways in which society’s systemic and structural barriers produce social exclusion for certain groups of people. The SES simulates social exclusion processes by replicating the experiences of formerly incarcerated women attempting to re-enter society following their release from prison. Participants have reported that important goals have been powerfully met: understanding of what structural and systemic barriers are and how they work to undermine opportunity and access; appreciation of practical limits of personal responsibility, agency, and choice; motivation to adopt attitudinal and behavioral changes in pursuit of social change; and empathy for marginalized groups in general. If you are an Adler PsyD student and you elect to exercise your right not to participate in the simulation, you may do so without any penalty. For more information please contact your faculty advisor.


    To participate, you must register in advance by sending an email to ISE@adler.edu, please include the date you wish to attend.

  • Homegoings Screening (+)

    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Chicago Campus, Community Hall


    The Adler School’s Traumatic Stress Psychology Student Association and Adler Black Student Association present a free screnning of Homegoings, a film by Christine Turner.

    Through the eyes of funeral director Isaiah Owens, the beauty and grace of African-American funerals are brought to life. Filmed at Owens Funeral Home in New York City's historic Harlem neighborhood, Homegoings takes an up-close look at the rarely seen world of undertaking in the black community, where funeral rites draw on a rich palette of tradition, history and celebration.

    Come see the award-winning documentary ahead of its June 24th premiere date followed by a discussion facilitated by Dr. Janna Henning, Coordinator of the Adler School’s Traumatic Stress Psychology Concentration and Fellow in Thanatology.

    A traditional repass meal will be served during the discussion portion of the event.

    RSVP is required by June 6th to lstallings@my.adler.edu.

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