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Advancing wellness for sexual 
orientation and gender variant minorities.

Advancing wellness for sexual
orientation and gender variant minorities.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

  • Social Exclusion Simulation (+)

    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Chicago Campus


    The ISE developed an experiential role play exercise called the 'Social Exclusion Simulation' with the purpose of illustrating what social structures are, how they operate, and how they can systematically block some groups' access to rights, resources, and opportunities required for social integration. The Simulation uses reentry experiences of formerly incarcerated women to illustrate how some community’s efforts at social integration are systematically stymied by structural features of our society. The Simulation has proven to be a very effective tool for helping people to (1) change their outlooks and behaviors vis-à-vis important social issues; (2) question prevailing perceptions and assumptions; and (3) appreciate the limits on personal responsibility resulting from a context of constraining social structures and systems.


    To participate, you must RSVP in advance. Please include the date you wish to attend.


    If you are an Adler PsyD student and you elect to exercise your right not to participate in the simulation, you may do so without any penalty. For more information please contact your faculty advisor.


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