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Redefining what it means to practice psychology

At Adler University, we aim to tackle society's most complex problems. That's why we're training the next generation of practitioners to reach beyond the therapist's office into the larger global community. We offer graduate degree programs such as Clinical Psychology, Couple and Family Therapy, Art Therapy, and more. We also offer students nonclinical community service experience, which provides them with an exposure to social issues and insight on how mental health professionals can help create change. We have provided quality education through a scholar-practitioner model for 60 years.

Adler University - For a more just society

  • Mission-driven curriculum designed to train socially responsible practitioners
  • Stimulating and academically challenging programs of study
  • High-caliber faculty
  • A unique blend of theory and practice
  • Real-world skills developed through practicum and volunteer experiences with more than 700 community partners

Adler University has campuses located in the heart of two vibrant cities that are actively linked to the larger global community. Here, faculty and students come together to tackle society's most complex problems.

Adler University - For a more just society

Alfred Adler laid the foundation for what we recognize today as community psychology. He based his pioneering approach on what he called Gemeinschaftsgefühl (social interest), or the connection between individual and community health.

Founded in 1952, Adler University continues his groundbreaking work by training psychologists and other practitioners committed to individual and community health. Innovation, at Adler University, is threaded through the broadened perspective we teach, the process by which we make socially responsible graduates, and the impact we have on our local, national, and global communities. We are the oldest professional school of psychology in North America. Our students graduate with not only an understanding of systemic challenges to individual and community health, but also the relevant skills to impact change.

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Advancing socially responsible practice, healthy communities and a more just society.