Furthering the pioneering  
work of Alfred Adler.

Furthering the pioneering
work of Alfred Adler.

Our Strategic Plan

Adler University founder Rudolf Dreikurs wrote, “We all do only what we decide.” In our recently published Strategic Plan, Adler University, after a long history of spectacular achievements since 1952, has decided what achievements we will secure by 2015. The plan is the product of the hard work and interaction of faculty, staff, students, alumni, partners, and trustees in Chicago and Vancouver across many months. The inclusive planning conversation has proven to be as valuable as the resultant plan itself.  

Annual Reports

Each fall, Adler University publishes its annual report charting our achievements and outlining our plans for continued success during the new academic year and beyond.

Game Changer (2014 Annual Report)
A game changer alters the landscape. It confronts challenge and refuses to relent. That's what we're all about this year: game-changing ideas that transform. What hasn't changed is our mission: graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice.

Breaking the Rules (2013 Annual Report)
Our approaches break the rules. They defy expectations of a graduate institution. It is what we have done since 1952, when our school was founded to train practitioners who can advance Alfred Adler's pioneering conepts for acheiving health through social interest.

Driven by Alfred Adler’s paradigm-shifting, rule-breaking, revolutionary ideas for sixty years.
(2012 Annual Report)

In 1952, Rudolf Dreikurs came to Chicago and established the Alfred Adler Institute to train practitioners in applying Alfred Adler revolutionary ideas: Our health resides in our community life, and socially responsible practitioners work to ensure community health. Today, as the Adler University, we continue preparing practitioners who apply these ideas like never before.

It’s been a good year. (2011 Annual Report)

Meeting ambitious goals. Preparing greater numbers of future practitioners. Building new support, and being nationally recognized for our advocacy, practice, and approaches. In these challenging times, these are things to be proud of. And we are.  It’s been a good year for Adler University. And what’s important about that is the “why.”

Our Annual Magazine

Published annually, Gemeinschaftsgefühl features compelling accounts of the impact our socially responsible students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends are making on their communities—as well as news, initiatives and events of Adler University.

Read our latest issue, "Enhancing the Human Condition/Creating Connectedness" (summer 2014), including stories on:

  • Connecting the uninsured to access
  • Embedding virtual classrooms with real social responsibility
  • Working with the next generation of social justice practitioners
  • Uniting psychology, theology and cultures for change

Other recent issues:


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