Career Transitions Center

Providing resources and support 
for alumni practitioners.

Providing resources and support
for alumni practitioners.

The Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC)

The Adler School alumni office maintains a strategic partnership with The Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC) to support alumni and students in search of opportunities. Collaboratively, we offer free workshops and other resources to our community. Programs focus on career and life-management skills, job search skills, and social networking. 

CTC is a non-profit organization that provides coaching and programming to mid-career professionals, as well as recent graduates, with over 50 volunteer coaches who meet with clients individually and facilitate programs in Chicago and across the country. Adler School alumni receive a discount on the CTC membership, which includes a wide variety of coaching and programming options.

Virtual Services

With the launch of CTC Chicago's Virtual Services Adler alumni outside of Chicago can now benefit from this partnership as well. Alumni can access online virtual services that assist with resumes, search communications, provide online mock video interviews, and enable the creation of a personal job search website.

Please check the alumni calendar for upcoming events, or visit the CTC website for more information.

A few alumni of the Adler School shared some insights into their experience with CTC:

"The CTC helped me render an eight-page CV into a highly focused and readable two-page resume. My two coaches then helped me focus my search for a business practicum. I applied to three sites, had three interviews and three, enthusiastic, internship offers." -Elizabeth O.

"Graduation was a very confusing time for me. I had not taken steps during school to investigate career options for which I could apply my counseling degree. Feeling embarrassed and alone, I turned to CTC. Within the initial month of working with CTC, I connected with job coaches and an accountability group of other professionals in transition. Although I acquired tangible tools to successively navigate the job market, the support network available through CTC had the largest impact on my professional and personal growth. It was initially hard to reach out for help, but CTC made it easy and gave me the same validation, care, and encouragement that I strive to show my counseling clients.: -Laura S.

"I recently completed the 12-week Virtual Program and wish to thank CTC for offering it & ASPP for subsidizing it: I got so much for an affordable fee, perhaps 1% of what I’d have spent had I sought similar career services from for-profit firms. You need this program. Here’s why:

It’s very rare for mental health professionals to acquire business training in the course of their formal studies. And yet familiarity with basic business theory & practice is indispensable for job-seekers as they tackle the realities of this never-ending Great Recession. The days of acquiring meaningful work through answering job ads are over. There are many more job seekers than there are advertised positions, let alone good ones. To land a promising job, you now often need to invent it. CTC taught me how.

Through numerous individual & group coaching sessions; online assignments; & in-vivo, real-world skills practice, I’ve developed a small business start-up mindset. You must have such an outlook if you want to stand out from the crowd of competitive job seekers. No matter where & how you hope to work, there’s no escaping the need to convince others that you bring unique skills to the table. And it’s not enough just to be a good salesperson. Prior to embarking on your career-development trip, it’s key that you think long & hard about the niche you wish to occupy, as well as the unique skills that you & only you can bring to the table. As you ponder such questions, you must explore the realities in the field & adjust your quest accordingly. CTC did a splendid job, propelling me to discover for myself how to discover what I absolutely wanted to do, & proceed to market myself accordingly.

Many of you have had your fill of in-the-box jobs, anyways. So if the unimaginable happens & the economy makes a hasty & lovely recovery: So what? Do you want to fit into someone else’s box, or would you rather create one that actually fits? Imagine going shopping for a suit & settling for one that’s too tight or loose. That’s exactly what most of us do when we accept an advertised job. By giving ourselves permission to be courageous & inventive, a very Adlerian tactic, we allow ourselves to custom-tailor our suits. I’ve never had such a suit, literally or figuratively, but it’s time…. Good timing, because CTC has taught me how to be such a tailor. You see, seeking an outside-the-box career often requires that you create it using raw, oft-bewildering materials. This is by-definition challenging. But you can do it if you know how & are willing to take paths less travelled. Because we have no desire to get lost, guides are needed. You’ll find them at CTC.

In summation, the CTC program taught me to dare to dream about a novel, meaningful career, & how to translate my aspirations into pragmatic real-world steps. In this manner, my dream is becoming a reality in colleagues’ minds as well. It’s much easier to apply to every job in sight, but that’s a short-sighted solution, a near-certain recipe for burnout, in the long-term, even if you beat the odds & land a “dream job.” So I urge you: Dare to dream, but do it with the experts, with CTC. Like seasoned guides, they’ll teach you how to transform that “jungle out there” into a reliable roadmap that’ll lead you, in due time, to your chosen destination." -Dr N, PsyD (ASPP Chicago)

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