Addressing organizational challenges 
through applied psychology.

Addressing organizational challenges
through applied psychology.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Required Courses

This 38-credit program is offered entirely online and can be completed in 24 months, making it an attractive option for students who may be currently employed. Our asynchronous learning model allows for convenience and flexibility. Successful completion of this program includes the courses listed below. More information, including course descriptions and sequencing, can be found in the Adler School Catalog.

  • MIO-501: Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
  • MIO-502: Organizational Theory and Change (3 credits)
  • MIO-503: Research Methods and Design (3 credits)
  • MIO-504: Organizational Development (3 credits)
  • MIO-505: Measurement of Individual Differences (3 credits)
  • MIO-506: Problem Solving Analysis Techniques (3 credits)
  • MIO-507: Employee Attitudes and Organizational Culture (3 credits)
  • MIO-508: Workplace Motivation (3 credits)
  • MIO-509: Group Collaboration Methods (3 credits)
  • MIO-510: Leadership Development (3 credits)
  • MIO-511: Training, Design, Delivery and Evaluation (3 credits)
  • MIO-512: Talent Management (3 credits)
  • MIO-515: Capstone (1 credit) 
  • MIO-516: Community Engagement Project (1 credit)