Focused on graduating socially  
responsible scholar-practitioners.

Focused on graduating socially
responsible scholar-practitioners.

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Curriculum

The following courses are required for successful completion of the Psy.D curriculum. Students should take courses in the proper sequence in order to satisfy prerequisites for advanced courses and to prepare for practicum placements. Details on course sequence and descriptions can be found in the Adler University Course Catalog.

Year One

Fall Term Credits = 14
Spring Term Credits = 14
Summer Term Credits = 12
PSYD-510: Research & Psychometric Theory (3 credits) PSYD-601: Doctoral Professional Development Seminar II (1 credit) PSYD-629: Assessment III: Integrated Assessment (3 credits)
PSYD-472: Basic Intervention and Assessment Skills (3 credits) PSYD-603: Doctoral Social Justice Practicum II (1 credit) PSYD-632: Cognitive/Affective Bases of Behavior (3 credits)
PSYD-600: Doctoral Professional Development Seminar I (1 credit) PSYD-628: Assessment II: Personality Assessment + Lab (3 credits) PSYD-655: Ethics (3 credits)
PSYD-602: Doctoral Social Justice Practicum I (1 credit) PSYD-636: Biological Bases of Behavior (3 credits) PCO-675: Structural and Sociocultural Bases of Health and Dysfunction  (3 credits)
PSYD-627: Assessment I: Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment + Lab
(3 credits)
PCO-641: Social Psychology and Individual Diversity (3 credits)  
 PSYD-647: Biopsychosocial Bases of Health and Dysfunction-Adult (3 credits) PSYD-648: Biopsychosocial Bases of Health and Dysfunction-Child (3 credits)  


Year Two

Fall Term Credits = 8
Spring Term Credits = 8
Summer Term Credits = 8
PCO-623: Life Span Development (3 credits) PCO-402: Introduction to Adlerian Psychology and Psychopathology (3 credits) PCO-337: Group Psychotherapy (3 credits)
PSYD-630: Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches to Intervention (3 credits) PSYD-660: Humanistic/Existential Approaches to Intervention (3 credits) MAF-663: Effective Couples and Family Therapy (3 credits)
PSYD-701: Assessment Practicum I
(1 credit)
PSYD-702: Assessment Practicum II
(1 credit)
PSYD-703: Assessment Practicum III (1 credit)

PSYD-711: Assessment Practicum Seminar I  (1 credit)

PSYD-712: Assessment Practicum Seminar II
(1 credit)
PSYD-713: Assessment Practicum Seminar III (1 credit)
    PSYD-990: Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam–Assessment (0 credits)


Year Three

Fall Term Credits = 8
Spring Term Credits = 8
Summer Term Credits = 8
PSYD-515: Applied Research Design in Clinical Psychology (3 credits) PSYD-550: Statistics (3 credits) PCO-438: Introduction to Addictive Disorders (3 credits)
PSYD-518: Advanced Adlerian Approaches to Individual and Family Therapy (3 credits) PSYD-670: Psychodynamic Approaches to Intervention (3 credits) PSYD-691: Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam–Intervention (0 credits)
PSYD-704: Therapy Practicum I (1 credit) PSYD-705: Therapy Practicum II (1 credit) PSYD-706: Therapy Practicum III (1 credit)
PSYD-714: Therapy Practicum Seminar I (1 credit) PSYD-715: Therapy Practicum Seminar II (1 credit) PSYD-716: Therapy Practicum Seminar III (1 credit)
  PSYD-900: Doctoral Dissertation Seminar: Proposal I (0 credits) PSYD-901: Doctoral Dissertation Seminar: Proposal II (0 credits)
    One Clinical Elective Choice
(3 credits)


Year Four

Fall Term Credits = 6
Spring Term Credits = 6
Summer Term Credits = 6
PSYD-530: Community Psychology (3 credits) PSYD-680: Supervision and Consultation (3 credits) PSYD-690: Psychopharmacology (3 credits)
PSYD-634: History and Systems (3 credit) PSYD-903: Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (0 credits) PSYD-692: The Role of Psychologists in Management, Administration and Leadership (3 credits)
PSYD-902: Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (0 credits) One Clinical Elective Choice
(3 credits)
PSYD-904: Doctoral Dissertation Seminar, continued (0 credits)


Year Five

Fall Term Credits = 0
Spring Term Credits = 0
Summer Term Credits = 0
Pre-doctoral Internship (0 credits) Pre-doctoral Internship (0 credits) Pre-doctoral Internship (0 credits)