Preparing public policy and administration graduates focused on immigration policy and practice

Preparing public policy and administration graduates focused on immigration policy and practice

Public Policy and Administration Overview

Adler University’s Master of Public Policy and Administration program is uniquely designed to prepare graduates who can lead government and community efforts that advance social change—crucial to creating more equitable, just and healthy communities throughout Canada and globally.

This professionally oriented master’s degree prepares students with core theory, research methods, applied skills, and field experience in social policy development and analysis, program evaluation, management, and governance. In addition to addressing content areas for public policy and administration programs defined by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA), our program provides training in domains including community psychology and communications—not found in other programs.

Unlike any other public policy or administration program in Canada, ours is uniquely guided by Adler University’s hallmark social justice mission and focus on social change. Our goal is to graduate socially responsible practitioners who can lead social policy reform; government and non-profit administration; and social service planning and delivery in today’s rapidly changing world.

Graduates of this program will be well-prepared for a range of management and consultant positions in Canada’s large and highly regarded government and non-profit sectors—in social policy development, analysis, and reform; government and non-profit administration; and social service.

Career opportunities include positions in research and analysis; positions as leaders and advocates in community development, administration, and management; and in other positions influencing policy at the local, provincial, and national levels with governments, policy research centers, consulting and community agencies, NGOs, and direct-service providers.

Immigration Policy & Practice Concentration

Immigration to Canada remains a vital component of our societal development. Canada can boast one of the world’s most developed systems for supporting immigrants and refugees. However, these systems are dynamic and in constant change. As a result, many newcomers to Canada experience a range of challenges that impair their abilities to begin new lives in a positive and contributing manner.

Through our Immigration Policy and Practice concentration, students study the intricacies of Canadian immigration policy and practice—including the refugee experience—and prepare for careers in the immigration and settlement service sector.