Feedback from Graduates

Graduating socially 
responsible practitioners.

Graduating socially
responsible practitioners.

Why choose Adler University?

Adler University is founded on an important idea: Our health resides in our community life and connections. This is what drives our groundbreaking curricula and commitment to social responsibility. We work with those courageous enough to want to change the world. Our master's and doctoral degrees prepare students with the theory and practice to become agents of social change. In addition, our graduates report their degrees have led to employment, career satisfaction, and many more benefits.

We prepare practitioners for leading social change.

Students choose to study at Adler University for our unique programs, diverse faculty of practitioner-scholars, intensive curriculum, and practical training and internships—all focused on our mission to graduate socially responsible practitioners, engage communities, and advance social justice. According to our latest alumni survey, nearly 91% report being employed within a year of graduation. In addition, 90% of our graduates report having worked with individuals from traditionally underserved or underrepresented populations.

Our students find career fulfillment after graduation.

More than 92% of our graduates report satisfaction with their choice of profession. In addition, more than 95% say their decision to earn their advanced degree has been valuable in:

  • Securing and preparing for jobs
  • Preparing for licensure and professional practice
  • Receiving a promotion or getting a raise
  • Achieving personal growth
  • Receiving recognition in their field
  • Developing a professional network

An advanced degree is a long-term investment in yourself.  98% of our graduates say their education has been valuable for their personal growth, career preparation, and employment.

Our graduates teach, research, lead and advocate.

An Adler University education is versatile: Our graduates teach, research, maintain private practice, volunteer, lead non-profits and programs, and advocate for social justice.

Percentage of graduates reporting… …that they have engaged in:
51% Advocacy and advancing social justice
34% Non-profit administration
56% Program development
53% Private practice
34% Research
51% Teaching
80% Volunteering