Tuition & Fees

You can afford an education 
at Adler University.

You can afford an education
at Adler University.

Tuition and Fees Information (2015-2016 Vancouver Campus)

Financing your graduate education is an important part of your graduate school planning. Therefore, it is important to us that we are available to work with you throughout the financial aid process. The University reserves the right to add or change the fees of charges listed below without prior notice. Please note that these tution and fees are effective Sept. 1, 2015.

Admissions Fees and Deposits in Canadian Dollars

  • Admissions Application Fee: $50
  • Deposit (non-refundable) for Master's programs (will be applied to first semester's tuition): $300
  • Deposit (non-refundable) for Psy.D. program (will be applied to first semester's tuition): $500
  • Start Date Deferral Fee: $500


  • Standard Master's Credit Hour: $850
  • Standard Psy.D. Credit Hour: $1,000
  • Audit Master's Credit Hour: $425
  • Audit Psy.D. Credit Hour: $500

Registration-based Fees

  • Student Activity/Library Fee (per term): $225
  • Late Registration Fee (per occurrence): $50
  • Course Add Fee (per occurrence): $50
  • Pre-Practicum Skills Lab: $550
  • Master's Research Preparation Fee: $700
  • Master's Thesis Continuation: $850
  • Master's Qualifying Exam: $950
  • Psy.D. Clinical Qualifying Exam: $1,000
  • Psy.D. Dissertation Proposal and Dissertation Fee : $1,000
  • Psy.D. Internship Fee: $1,000

Student Financing Information

The Vancouver campus participates in the Canada Student Loans Program. Students who are interested in obtaining student loan information should contact the Office of Financial Aid.


The Vancouver campus offers several financial needs based scholarships and bursaries for selected incoming and current students (who have completed at least one semester at Adler University). For more information on how to apply for these scholarships, please contact Student Services.