Renee Nank, Ph.D. Global Campus

“The nonprofit sector is the bulwark that encourages and maintains civil society.”  
-Renee Nank, Ph.D.

“The nonprofit sector is the bulwark that encourages and maintains civil society.”
-Renee Nank, Ph.D.

Renee Nank, Ph.D.
Program Director, Nonprofit Management

I approach the professor-student relationship as a collaboration built upon mutual trust and mutual responsibility. My approach is to facilitate a teaching environment that is collaborative, rigorous, and process-oriented. Through focused interaction and collaboration, I provide students the opportunity to build their knowledge beyond content learning to interpersonal and leadership skill development to include negotiation, compromise, use of imagination and experience with diverse populations. 

Further, through structured interaction, students develop their critical analysis skills by directly and actively engaging course material in a context that is a microcosm of the work of public servants—complete with the varied and often conflicting perspectives of others.

Please email or call me (312.662.4368) if you have questions or would like more information about me.


  • Ph.D., Public Administration, Nonprofit Management & Economic Development, Cleveland State University   
  • M.P.A., Kent State University

Select Publications

  • Demir, T., Reddick, C. & Renee Nank. 2014. The Relationship Between Public Service Values and Administrative Involvement in Policymaking. Public Organization Review.
  • Nank, R. and Alexander, J. 2012. “Farewell to Tocqueville’s Dream: A Case Study of Trade Associations and Advocacy,” Public Administration Quarterly, 36(4), 248-28.
  • Demir, Tansu & Renee Nank. April, 2012. Interaction Quality in Political – Administrative Relations in the United States: Testing a Multi-Dimensional Model. International Journal of Public Administration.
  • Simrell King, Cheryl & Renee Nank. 2011. Citizens, Administrators, and their Discontents
  • In Government is Us 2.0. Cheryl Simrell King (ed.), Sage Publications.
  • Nank, Renee. 2010. Women in the Nonprofit Sector: Perspectives from the Past, Present, and Future. In Women in Public Administration: Theory and Practice, (peer reviewed) Levine & D’Agostino (eds.), Jones & Bartlett.