Advancing wellness for sexual 
gender and sexual minorities.

Advancing wellness for sexual
gender and sexual minorities.


The Adler University’s LGBTQ Mental Health and Inclusion Center strives to be the leader in educating and training culturally-competent clinicians in social justice and service delivery for gender and sexual minorities. 

Our purpose is to advance the wellness and quality of life for gender and sexual minorities on an individual and systemic level. We are committed to addressing the needs of those most underserved and underrepresented within these minority groups. Through the application of our principles we aim to improve understanding, inclusion, and service delivery through education, community engagement, and research.


We provide evidence-based scholarship and training on sexual orientation and gender variant minorities to develop culturally-competent behavioral health clinicians. We further host seminars, workshops, and continuing education for clinicians looking to improve service delivery and competency in clinical care for sexual orientation and gender variant minorities. 

Community Engagement

Our activities are rooted in the advancement of social justice for marginalized sexual orientation and gender identity groups. We pursue this by being agents of change through community engagement, advocacy, and clinical practice.


Through our research endeavors, we identify and target the structural and systemic causes of exclusion. Our focus is strengthening inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity minorities in pro-health public and healthcare policy, legislation, and government decisions.

We Are Commited To

  • Diversity: Lending a voice for the underserved and underrepresented within the community
  • Diligence: Rigorous pursuit of knowledge and earnest application of that knowledge in practice
  • Inclusion: Welcoming all voices at the table within our own community and society at large
  • Competence: Scholarship that is applicable to practice through evidence-based research