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'A Phenomenal Life & Spirit':
 Remembering Margot Adler 07.29.14
'A Phenomenal Life & Spirit':
Remembering Margot Adler

The Adler School of Professional Psychology is mourning the loss of Margot Adler, a "venerable and beloved NPR voice" who passed away Monday after a battle with cancer. School President Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D, shared the sad news with our community:

"As you know, Margot was a longtime and acclaimed National Public Radio (NPR) correspondent and author. She was also the granddaughter of Alfred Adler, whose work inspired the founding of our institution. Margot was also a dear friend to me and to the Adler University.

"I first met Margot in 2004 soon after I joined the University. Across the past decade, we were fortunate to welcome her as a frequent visitor to our community. She came to inspire our graduates at Chicago Commencement in 2004 and 2011 and to celebrate Homecoming with us. Two years ago, she came to Chicago and Vancouver to join faculty, students, and staff in our Common Book Program discussion of The Fledgling, a vampire novel. At the time, Margot was writing her own book on vampires, Vampires Are Us, published just a few months ago. She was insightful, brilliant, warm, curious, incisive, wickedly witty, and a lot of fun during her talk—and every time we saw her.

"All of us who met Margot are remembering our personal interactions with her. I spoke with her two months ago, and, even though her cancer had returned, she was full of energy, humor, and excitement to come for a visit to the school in the fall. I’m also remembering her commencement address in 2011, during which she talked about gemeinschaftsgefühl or social interest – the basis of her grandfather’s approach to psychology and communities – and the foundation of our School’s mission and work.

"She asked: 'What does it mean if not to help create a world, person by person, that is more human; more social; less fearful; less fearful of difference of foreigners, of those who might take our jobs; less dogmatic; more courageous; more caring; more flexible; more able to deal with multiplicity and chaos and diversity; more empathetic than what we see around us now?'

"Even if you’ve already read or heard her address, I encourage you to read it again now. If you do, you’ll be joining me in both smiling and crying

"Margot worked to advance a world that is just – through her journalism, her writing, her relationships, and her approach to life and all people. She was more than a connection to our history and mission through her grandfather; she was an inspiration and a joy to know. I know you join me in celebrating her phenomenal life and spirit, and I know you join me in mourning her loss. We offer our deep sympathies to her son and loved ones. We will all miss Margot."


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