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David Castro-Blanco, Ph.D.
CDC Reports Rising Suicides;
Dr. Castro-Blanco Discusses Rates, Possible Triggers by Age

While there historically has been a correlation of high rates of suicide in times of economic crisis—such as the Great Depression—no current data supports that hypothesis. “It’s less about depression itself and more about desperation and hopelessness,” says David Castro-Blanco, Ph.D., Core Faculty member in the Adler School’s Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Program.  “If we can figure out what caused that desperation and hopelessness, we can get further along with trying to intervene with it.”

Dr. Castro-Blanco discusses suicide rates and triggers among different age groups, in this story on recently released data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention showing suicide rates remain on the rise.

Click here to read the full story “Economic hardship causes suicide-rate increase, experts speculate.”

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