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Police/Forensic Psychologist Douglas Craig, Psy.D., Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology, the Adler University
Dr. Craig Speaks with Chicago Tribune About Law Enforcement Coping with
Stress, Trauma

As part of a story chronicling a Chicago police officer struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and the need for therapy, the Chicago Tribune interviewed the Adler University's Douglas Craig, Psy.D., for additional insight into how counseling is perceived within police culture.

Dr. Craig is Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology, in the Department of Leadership and Public Service. A former sworn officer, Dr. Craig is a licensed police/forensic psychologist whose expertise includes specialty team assignments, fitness-for-duty evaluation, intervention services, and operational support (e.g., SWAT tactical training) for public safety and law enforcement entities. He regularly presents professionally on maintaining mental health among law enforcement officers and related issues, and has consulted with police and public safety agencies at the local, national, and international levels, particularly on the psychological assessment process of public safety personnel, including the legal boundaries of conducting such specialized assessments.

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