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 Mental Health and the Modern
 Urban Environment 08.11.12 Features Dr. Todman on
Mental Health and the Modern
Urban Environment

“We’re all well aware that our surroundings — maniacal bosses, dreary weather, cable news — mess with our heads. And yet, we haven’t historically made mental well-being a lodestar when it comes to urban design,” writes “Dream City” columnist Will Doig.

In his recent piece exploring that point, Doig speaks with the Adler School’s Lynn Todman, Ph.D., an urban planner and executive director of the Institute on Social Justice (ISE), as well as Vice President for Leadership in Social Justice. “We’re at the point where we’re just getting people to think about the mental health implications of the urban environment,” Dr. Todman says.  In addition: "You can get people services, but if you send them back into a toxic urban environment they’re going to get sick again.”

Doig’s column describes the Mental Health Impact Assessment approach that Dr. Todman and her ISE team will unveil at “The Social Determinants of Urban Mental Health: Paving the Way Forward,” the ISE conference that take place September 19-20 in Chicago.  Click here to read the full piece “Modern life is killing us.”

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