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WGN-TV Interviews Dr. Kerulis on Jackie Robinson West's Title Loss 02.12.15
WGN-TV Interviews Dr. Kerulis on Jackie Robinson West's Title Loss

In the wake of losing the national championship title by using out-of-district players, WGN-TV spoke with Michele Kerulis, Ed.D., about how to help kids on the Jackie Robinson West little league team cope with consequences brought on by their coaches' actions.

"In this case, to take the championship away is devastating, it's heartbreaking—and this is more than just baseball in Chicago, this is a glimmer of hope for the kids that played on that team. So, I think it's important to remind them of their character and what they did at the time."

Dr.Kerulis is a licensed clinical professional counselor and certified sport psychology consultant. She is also program director of Adler University's counseling specialization in sport and health psychology.

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