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Vancouver Campus Student Shares the Importance of Character in Leaders in the Toronto Sun

In the Media | 02.06.21

Vancouver Campus student Alyssa McDonald co-wrote an opinion piece for the Toronto Sun with Petros Kusmu on the role toxic leaders have throughout companies, organizations, and government agencies in CanadaMcDonald, a current Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.A.) student, is studying the relationship between corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.  

“Had the Trudeau government, and more broadly Canadians, looked past Payette’s remarkable achievements as a scientist, pilot, and astronaut… perhaps we would have noticed the red flags much earlier,” Kusmu and McDonald wrote, referencing the installment of Canada’s 29th governor general, Julie Payette. “We have to go beyond simply picking leaders who seem to like people and acknowledging that women, too, can exhibit traits of toxic masculinity.” 

Read more in the Toronto Sun opinion piece“The Painful Julie Payette Lesson: Look to Character, not Resumé, for Your Leaders.” 

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