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Dr. Barrie Shares Insight on Father-Daughter Relationships with the Chicago Sun-Times

In the Media | 06.17.21

Rabiatu E. Barrie, Ph.D., Chicago Campus Assistant Professor for the Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) program’s Child and Adolescent emphasis, was recently featured by Natalie Y. Moore of the Chicago Sun Times in a column examining the relationships between father and daughters in time for Father’s Day. Dr. Barrie challenges advice women often receive to find a partner who treats them like their father would.  

“A father’s job isn’t to be intimate. His job as a parent is to set boundaries, instill morals, and send a positive message.” Dr. Barrie said. “We try to make a parallel between [fathers and partners.] It’s not the romance – it’s the support, love, and nurturance that makes her a well-rounded human and adjusted.” 

Read more in the Chicago Sun-Times article, “My Father Taught Me to Be “A Complete Person.” 

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