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In the Media | 06.22.21

Chicago Student Discusses Relationship Boundaries with Bustle

Rachel D. Miller, a student in the Adler University Couple and Family Therapy (Ph.D.) program in Chicago, was invited by Bustle to share expert advice on establishing boundaries in friendships. Miller is a practicing couple and family therapist at Focht Family Practice in Chicago. Along with several other professionals, Miller shared her thoughts on ways others can evaluate their friendships and steps to take in order to establish boundaries.  

“If the friendship is one that is important to you, determine how you can assert yourself, and advocate for your needs in a way that supports you and the relationship,” Miller said. “While friendships do not need to be a 50/50 give-and-take every day, they should balance out over time. If you’re the one always giving or feel emotionally drained after spending time with a friend, it’s worth looking at the friendship and determining how much value it is adding to your life.” 

Read more in the Bustle article, “Experts Say Every Friendship Should Have These 9 Boundaries.” 

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