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Board Chair, Joy MacPhail, pens new op-ed in the Vancouver Sun, addressing affordable housing solutions in British Columbia

In the Media | 09.13.21

Joy MacPhail, Chair of the Adler University Board of Trustees, has remained a strong advocate for affordable housing across British Columbia. Earlier this year, MacPhail chaired the expert panel on the Future of Housing Supply, offering recommendations to create more affordable housing options across the province.

Last week, Joy MacPhail stressed the importance of tackling the affordable housing crisis through an op-ed article in the Vancouver Sun. She writes about how this crisis impacts all who live in B.C. communities, whether it affects educational opportunities, neighborhood safety, economic growth or health safety. MacPhail knows the importance of this work, and ties it directly to the source: Vancouver communities need comprehensive mental health and addiction services.

“We need to take a close look at what elements of our communities are contributing to various forms of deteriorating mental health and addictions. By working together to prevent systemic problems, such as trauma, economic inequality and homelessness, we can promote better mental health and wellness for everyone,” states Joy MacPhail.

MacPhail ends the op-ed with a call to action: vote in the current federal election and local elections next fall. Federal and local governments have the power to set zoning rules and determine which housing is prioritized and will ultimately determine who is left behind. She also calls on the local governments to work with the community – whether it be local nonprofits, Indigenous organizations, or social real estate investment trusts. MacPhail has been a strong advocate for housing equity and knows that this crisis must be tackled through coalition-building and grassroots efforts.

Earlier this year, MacPhail received the title of “Living Legend” awarded by Business in Vancouver, as well as the YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Award. Read more about her accomplishments here.

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