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Adler Vancouver Graduate Named CEO of Executive Search Firm

Stories | 12.09.21

Kelli Vukelic, a 2018 Adler Vancouver graduate, welcomes her new role as Chief Executive Officer at N2Growth, a global executive search firm. Executive search firms like N2Growth support organizations in the recruitment of Board and C-suite roles based on their clients’ needs and organizational structure.

Vukelic is no novice to executive search firms – she’s been in the industry for over 20 years, including while a graduate student in Adler University’s Industrial and Organizational Psychology program. She states that when looking to continue her education, she knew a school that permitted her to continue to work and study simultaneously would be beneficial to her overall learning experience. “The best advice I ever received before starting the program was to use the organization I was in as the sandbox for every assignment,” says Vukelic. Using her pre-existing workplace as the sandbox for her learning allowed her to apply her knowledge in real time.

When serving companies to recruit executive roles, Vukelic looks for candidates that have passion for what they do, combined with the knowledge to back it up. She equates this passion to her success, as well as her client’s. Prior to her new appointment to CEO, she led as the Chief Operating Officer at N2Growth. “As COO, I loved my work. Every morning, I enthusiastically came to my desk because it wasn’t a ‘job’ to me. It was work I was truly passionate about, and arguably it was the most successful year in my career,” says Kelli Vukelic. She strives to find that type of passion for every client and candidate she has the pleasure of working with.

Kelli received her Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Adler University Vancouver in 2018. Adler’s Industrial and Organizational Psychology program focuses on making improvements within organizations by focusing on the psychology of its people. The program aims to use psychological principles to improve workplace effectiveness, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Congratulations to Kelli Vukelic on her new role as CEO at N2Growth!

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