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University News | 12.13.21

Adler University Signs Brief Supporting DACA Recipients in Texas Court Case

Adler University has signed an amicus brief in support of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients in an ongoing Texas court case that threatens to rescind DACA protections. Adler University joins many universities and colleges in this decision, as we know the importance of educational attainment, health equity, and economic opportunities for all.

DACA, first initiated by President Barack Obama in 2012, has offered citizen protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth, including the opportunity to advance one’s education. If the District Court’s decision upending DACA is allowed, many young people will be in danger of deportation, torn away from their families, and uprooted from the communities in which they serve. For many DACA recipients, The United States is all that they have known. They grew up here, go to school here and built families here.

DACA has allowed many to pursue educational opportunities in the United States. Altogether, 92% of all DACA recipients are employed or enrolled in an educational program. This has allowed them to pursue better jobs and achieve financial independence – which has been critical for supporting their families and the U.S. economy. Additionally, DACA allows recipients to enroll in public colleges and universities, sometimes where undocumented students are barred from attending. In several states, DACA recipients can even apply for reduced tuition rates. There is no question DACA protections have allowed immigrants to thrive in their communities, workplace, and educational institution.

Alder University is proud to sign on to this brief supporting DACA recipients. With social justice at the forefront of Adler’s mission, we will continue to advocate for those in vulnerable communities.

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