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Stories | 12.20.21

Adler Vancouver Executive Dean Bradley O’Hara Reappointed to The Degree Quality Assessment Board of British Columbia

Adler University is proud to announce the reappointment of Adler Vancouver Executive Dean Bradley O’Hara to The Degree Quality Assessment Board of British Columbia. Appointed by the Honourable Anne Kang, Minister of Advanced Education, Dr. O’Hara will continue to serve the Board alongside 12 post-secondary leaders in the province.

The Degree Quality Assessment Board is an independent advisory board that ensures legislated quality assurance requirements are met for post-secondary education in British Columbia. The Board also works to address public policy concerning learner choice, the protection of learner’s interests, an integrated post-secondary system and appropriate usage of publicly funded student financial assistance.

Members of The Degree Quality Assessment Board work closely with the Minister of Advanced Education to ensure post-secondary programs meet high quality criteria. Additionally, members make recommendations on new degree programs, provide and advertises degree programs, and grant degrees. Adler University is honoured to have Dr. O’Hara as a continued strategic voice to the Minister on these matters.

Adler University knows that post-secondary education plays an important role in shaping successful communities. High quality education trains the workforce to meet industry needs across the province, attracts international students, and expands opportunities for embedded students.

Adler University is proud to have Dr. O’Hara play a critical role in post-secondary education for British Columbia. Congratulations to Dr. O’Hara on this immense honour and achievement.

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