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Dr. Michelle Anderson Named New Director of Training for ACHS Division of Community Health Chicago

University News | 01.10.22

Dr. Michelle Anderson, a Clinical Faculty member for Adler Community Health Services’ (ACHS) Division of Community Health Chicago, will take on her new role as Director of Training for the department next fall.

Dr. Anderson has led ACHS’ partnership with Northwestern Hospital’s Complex High Admissions Management Program and Transitional Clinic, providing integrated primary care behavioral health. She also helps support the program’s partnership with Aunt Martha’s Integrated Care Center and primary care community health clinic. Most recently, Dr. Anderson has been leading the revamp of Adler’s didactic and seminar training curriculum in partnership with her colleagues.

Dr. Anderson is a continued servant to communities that need support the most. Prior to joining Adler University Chicago, Dr. Anderson worked in research and clinical roles in states across the country including Ohio, North Carolina and California. Throughout these experiences, Dr. Anderson was able to build on her passion for providing community-based care and noticed similar health disparities taking place nationwide, specifically for the Black community and people of color. This passion eventually led Dr. Anderson back to her hometown of Chicago, where she joined ACHS faculty in 2019. When asked what drew her to Adler University, she says Adler’s social justice mission and the commitment to providing care to the Chicagoland community.

ACHS Division of Community Health Chicago provides extensive clinical and community health services to the Chicagoland community through master and doctoral level students. The department strives to work and train clinicians who promote and engage in socially responsible practices. Adler University’s social justice mission is at the forefront of the work of ACHS Division of Community Health Chicago. Dr. Anderson notes that ACHS focuses on how to improve the quality of life for people without reinjuring those who are already oppressed. “I think what ACHS does that is special, is that it puts that at the front and center of the work its doing, and acknowledges that maybe we won’t always get it right. I think if that’s what’s guiding you, more often than not, you’ll turn out okay,” says Dr. Anderson.

Adler University is honored to have Dr. Michelle Anderson accept the position of Director of Training at ACHS Division of Community Health Chicago. She will begin her new role on September 1, 2022, following the retirement of Dr. Mary Pfeiffer. Congratulations to Dr. Anderson!

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