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University News | 02.01.22

2021 Annual Report: Reaching goals, together

At Adler University, faculty and staff educate the changemakers of tomorrow who will create a more just society – and while the world faced continued uncertainty in 2021, the University continued pushing boundaries and reaching its goals.

$6.3 million in scholarships
The University’s 2021 Annual Report reflects the milestones the Adler community has achieved together to support socially responsible practice, diversify academic offerings, create excellence and innovation in education and community engagement, and ensure fiscal sustainability. The goals met reinforce Adler’s commitment to supporting faculty and staff while preparing graduates with the knowledge they need to succeed and contribute to their communities.

In 2021, Adler worked towards educating more students.

Not only are more students attending Adler, but the University is also making education more affordable and attainable.

Adler is focused on building an anti-racist University and is taking action to transform, advancing diversity and inclusion on campus and society at large. It’s also driving academic and operational excellence with new, diverse hires and transforming its curriculum to be more inclusive.

These milestones are just the beginning of the accomplishments of the University this past year. While Adler is making great strides for solving today’s toughest challenges and supporting communities, there is still work to be done to achieve a shared goal of shaping the environments around us through social responsibility and justice.

To learn more, view the annual report online.

63 new faculty and staff. 59% BIPOC


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