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Adler Vancouver’s Amir Sepehry, Ph.D., Speaks on Psychopharmacology with The Canadian Psychological Association

In the Media | 02.22.22

Every February, in celebration of Psychology Month, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) highlights the contributions of Canadian psychologists, and the many ways psychology touches our lives. Adler Vancouver faculty member, Amir Sepehry, Ph.D., was profiled on the CPA website to talk about the intersection of psychology and medicine, known as psychopharmacology. He is the Chair of the Psychopharmacology Section at the CPA.

Psychopharmacology pertains to the prescribing of medications in conjunction with other evidence-based treatments, often time treating conditions like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, or even helping manage symptoms of addiction.

To read the full profile on Dr. Sepehry and learn more about field of psychopharmacology, visit the Canadian Psychological Association’s website.

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