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2023 NASAP conference focuses on ‘changemaking’; early registration open through April 22

Stories | 04.11.23

Those who are interested in learning, networking, and earning continuing education credits are encouraged to register for the 71st NASAP Annual Conference, a four-day in-person conference focused on Adlerian psychology from June 1-4 in Denver, Colorado.

Early registration is open through April 22. The conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver.

With the theme of “Changemaking: Everything Can Always Be Different,” many of Adler University’s own changemakers, including faculty, alums, and students, are scheduled to present. In addition, Adler alum Kimberly M. Martin, Psy.D., is among the candidates for president of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology.

NASAP’s mission is to foster and promote the research, knowledge, training, and application of Adlerian Psychology, maintaining its principles and encouraging its growth. The organization was established in 1952 by Rudolf Dreikurs.

Here are some of the presentation highlights at this year’s conference to be led by Adler faculty:

Thursday, June 1

Using Crucial C’s in Metta Meditation by Rocky Garrison, Ph.D.

The Crucial C’s of Individual Psychology are used to present a modified version of loving kindness (Metta) meditation. Dr. Garrison will describe the Meditation Practice Record Form, including discussing its potential benefits, risks, and drawbacks of a meditation practice.

Meet Your Match: Adlerian Dating Service by Les White, Ph.D.

Want to find that certain someone? Looking for that career boost, or a new circle of friends? Learn how your lifestyle matches with those of others. Dr. White will explore the perceived ideal self and how, with just a little encouragement, individuals can alter their movement through life to better intersect with others.

Friday, June 2

Adlerian View of Depression: Purpose, Use, and Self-Agency Dinko Aleksandrov, Psy.D.

Much has been written on the topic of depression. This presentation will offer a synthesis of the Adlerian literature on depression — purposes, uses, and role of self-agency. The presentation will also address empirical findings regarding depression from the international psychology community.

Jennifer Kotecki Assistant Professor Art Therapy program

Dr. Kotecki

Wellness Wheel for Individuals, Educators, and Mental Health Care Workers That Fosters Change of Wellness Outcomes by Jennifer Kotecki, Ph.D.

Create a wellness wheel using textiles identifying imbalances that provide opportunities to foster change in wellness outcomes. Moving from felt minus to felt plus, we create a community of belonging by supporting each other, discussing intersectionality, and applying new goals to our lives, work, and communities thus decreasing feelings of inferiority and increasing social interest.

Adler’s View on Tyranny and War and Implications for Contemporary Practice by Marina Bluvshtein, Ph.D.

The presentation explores the historical, theoretical, and personal-biographical roots of Adler’s view on tyranny and wars. Major texts, including those from Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, will be revisited in the context of theory development and with implications for contemporary psychological practice. Participants will create case conceptualization and treatment planning for one of the historical “tyrannical” cases.

Saturday, June 3

Dr. Finn is standing in front of a large window with a building blurred in the background. He is wearing a buttoned-up shirt.

Dr. Finn

Adler and Forensic Psychology in the 21st Century by Matt Finn, Psy.D.

The practice of forensic psychology has unique challenges which are different from standard clinical practice. Adlerian concepts including social interest, encouragement, creativity, private logic, teleology, and social justice can have a positive impact on the practice of forensic psychology. How these fundamental Adlerian concepts can impact, inform, and change the practice of forensic psychology in the criminal justice system will be explored.

Adlerian Concepts Applied Through a Vibrational Lens by Mark Bilkey, Psy.D., and Jennifer LaCivita, Psy.D.

This presentation will introduce the use of a vibrational lens and alignment with Adlerian theory and practice. Changemaking occurs with the shifting of thoughts; shift the vibration attached with words and you change the way you feel. Interactive discussions/examples will allow participants to learn how useful this concept is in changing the view of our self, the world, and others.

Logo of NASAP

NASAP’s mission is to foster and promote the research, knowledge, training, and application of Adlerian Psychology, maintaining its principles and encouraging its growth.

Open Forum Family Demonstration by Marina Bluvshtein, Ph.D.

The goal of the forum is to assist a volunteer family with a problem they are willing to bring into the session. The audience learns how to utilize Adlerian ideas and strategies by observing the interactions between the facilitator and the family. This demonstration is a NASAP tradition and uniquely Adlerian.

Alfred Adler and Judaism by Marina Bluvshtein, Ph.D., and Adler student Noah Thorne

Alfred Adler’s 1904 conversion to Protestantism and the impact of his Jewish upbrining on this writing and practice remain topics of controversy in the world of Individual Psychology. This presentation explores his and his family’s spiritual quests toward a greater sense of belonging and brings awareness to the Jewishness inherent in his work.

On June 3, Thorne and Dr. Bluvshtein will also participate in a student forum panel to discuss the crucial role that students play in NASAP and answer questions from the audience about student-related issues. Students will share how they have contributed to NASAP and/or Adlerian theory through research, affiliate group involvement, or other activities. The panel will also discuss the Student Task Force initiatives and activities.

For more information on registration and to attend the 2023 Annual Conference, visit the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology website.

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