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University News | 01.10.24

Adler University and Fulbright Canada to launch the Institute for Socially Responsible Leadership and Organizational Health 

Opportunities are available for faculty and staff to lead programming  


Adler University logo next to Fulbright Canada logoIn partnership with the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada), Adler University is launching the Institute for Socially Responsible Leadership and Organizational Health. It will provide education, training, and resources for professionals in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations. Faculty and staff interested in developing courses for this new initiative are invited to complete this online form. 

Diverse programming will be tailored for individuals and businesses, focused on building resilient, respectful, and effective workplaces. The inaugural three-day workshop is scheduled for Spring 2024 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a second workshop in Chicago, Illinois, slated for the summer. Upon completing the program, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.  

“The health of an organization is reliant on the health of its employees,” said Kyra Lobbins, Ph.D., chief of staff and the Institute’s interim leader. “Adler and Fulbright are uniquely positioned to create course frameworks through an Adlerian psychology lens designed to help organizations and the individuals within them thrive. The extensive programming will explore topics impacting workplaces today, including trauma-informed leadership, workplace resilience, and understanding and harnessing diversity, equity, and inclusion.”  

Organizations worldwide grapple with evolving challenges that demand a fresh approach anchored in emotional intelligence. Simultaneously, the great resignation, in which more than 4.5 million people quit their jobs between November 2021 and April 2022, has prompted companies to allocate increased resources toward retention, and 94% of employees are willing to remain longer with employers who prioritize professional development. The Institute seeks to answer these needs by equipping participants with the tools necessary to navigate these challenges while fostering cultures of respect and inclusion. 

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from an array of experienced professionals, including Adler University faculty and staff, who will offer courses centered around:   

  • Resilience and wellness in the workplace. 
  • Understanding and harnessing equity, diversity, and inclusion as strengths. 
  • Hiring, retaining, and empowering employees.  
  • Sharing perspectives and aspirations in a respectful workplace. 

These themes will be supplemented by cross-cutting topics such as change management, stakeholder engagement, internal communications, performance, and conflict resolution. The Institute will also provide post-program support, which may include resources, continued networking, and other educational offerings. 

Dr. Lobbins, alongside a committee comprised of Vice President Jeannine Diddle Uzzi, Ph.D., Vancouver Executive Dean Bradley O’Hara, Ph.D., and accomplished external executive Patrick Brennan, have ushered forward this initiative. Together, they crafted the initial operational and programmatic plans. The committee will review interest forms submitted by the faculty and staff who would like to participate. Individuals with the Chicago or Online campuses may be selected for Vancouver programming and vice versa. Logistical arrangements and additional details are being finalized.  

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