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You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs.


Adler University brings campus feel to online students


Adler University brings campus feel to online students

Online education can present a unique set of challenges, especially compared to traditional on-campus learning. But that’s not the case at Adler University!

Adler University’s Department of Student Experience and Academic Advising (DSEAA) brings the same resources and support to our Online students that you’d expect with an on-campus education. While our Online students come from almost all 50 states, and 9 different countries around the world, Adler strives to ensure that they all feel like a part of one, close-knit community.

What is the DSEAA?

The DSEAA is a unique department within Adler University – created especially for Online students – that acts as a central Online Student Center. Not surprisingly, one of the core offerings of the DSEAA is academic advising, including individual coaching and mentoring for Online students. But that’s not all!

Led by Samantha Coleman, Ph.D., the DSEAA helps create an online environment that provides students with a robust and supportive learning experience. If a student has questions about class registration, accessing the learning management system, or other technology-related questions, the DSEAA can help.

However, Dr. Coleman’s team goes beyond merely providing technical support.

“When you are coming into a graduate program, one thing is for certain: there will be quite a bit of balancing within your life,” she said. “Whether it’s between getting your schoolwork done and working a 40 or 50-hour per week job; whether it’s between taking care of kids and caring for elders, or really just wanting to engage in your own personal self-care.”

Those challenges can be stressful. That, too, is where Dr. Coleman’s team can help. If an Online student needs resources on how to find that balance, or just someone to talk to, they can lean on the DSEAA.


Getting a graduate degree is about more than just coursework – it’s about having fun and finding opportunities for personal and professional growth as well.

Between hosting virtual movie nights, casual group hangout sessions, and even offering professional development scholarships, the DSEAA ensures that Adler’s Online students don’t miss out on those experiences.

Building relationships

Dr. Coleman sees her team’s role as fostering and facilitating relationships between the student, and anyone they may interact with throughout their time at Adler – from peers and faculty, to financial aid and other student services.

“We do really look at ourselves as the conduit between all of the rest of the relationships that are equally critical for your success,” she said. “We are here with you from orientation until commencement, and we really take that relationship extremely seriously.”

A key component of that is connecting with faculty beyond the daily assignments. Want to network with faculty to learn more about their career paths, explore their research, or even just utilize them as a sounding board? The DSEAA can help with that too.

Ultimately, Adler University is invested in the success of our Online students. Whether it’s providing technical support, emotional support, or helping foster self-management and self-discipline skills, the DSEAA is here to make sure Online students feel just as connected and part of the community as if they were on campus.

Want to learn more about our Online programs and how the DSEAA can help you achieve your educational goals? Contact our Admissions team or fill out the “Request Information” form today!