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Curious about what you can do with a degree in Psychology? Try a Career in Research!

Graduate Psychology Students Can Have Great Careers in Research

By James D. Halbert, Ph.D., Program Director, Online M.A. in Psychology and Online M.A. in Psychology: Specialization in Military Psychology

Research isn’t just something you do while you pursue your graduate degree in psychology – it’s also one of the most underestimated career opportunities after graduation! Research careers can be vast, and those with psychology backgrounds can have great careers in research. And if you’re interested in this career path, Adler University’s Online Master of Arts in Psychology uniquely prepares you for a socially responsible career in psychological research in a variety of fields.

What do Researchers do?

In the most general sense, psychological researchers identify, explore, and solve complex problems with human behavior. Many times, the psychological underpinnings of human behavior affect physiological and practical outcomes. How a person thinks, feels, and deals with stress can directly affect sleep, mental health, sport and work performance, and general health.

Psychology practitioners help bridge that gap between the clinical and psychological elements of human health, and can play vital roles in the mental health, corporate, nonprofit, and health and wellness fields.

Most research today also involves human participants on some level, so there is no doubt that many psychologists and practitioners find themselves in the realm of human-subject research at some point in their careers. Being able to interpret and analyze data is also key.

For those interested in research careers in psychology, some of the most common roles are:

  • Research Associate
  • Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • Study Coordinator
  • Research Support Specialist (Psychology)
  • Psychometrician
  • Research Specialist
  • Behavior Data Analyst

How can Adler University help?

In addition to offering core classes in research, data science and statistics, our Online M.A. in Psychology has four distinct concentrations in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Crisis Management, Child and Adolescent Development, and Health and Wellness. This allows our students to tailor their education to fit their desired career path – especially in regards to research careers. For those specifically interested in research careers related to the military, Adler University also offers an Online M.A. in Military Psychology.

How do I get started?

Research is a niche within the psychology field, and the best way to get started is to get involved in research projects while at Adler. Many of the faculty are engaged in research and often accept volunteers. In fact, my own research career started in a work-study position during my undergrad.

Want to Learn More?

Adler University offers a variety of graduate degrees in psychology, counseling, public service, and leadership. To learn more about how you can become a socially responsible practitioner and start your career in research, contact our Admissions team today!