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From Our Adler Alumni: ‘Open Yourself to All the Experience and Value You Bring’

Our alumni all over the world reach out to us sharing updates and news — and often, a few words about the people and experiences that have stayed with them since their days at Adler.  We’d like to share a few as we welcome our newest students to our Adler community and everyone back to school for our 2015-2016 academic year.

“A quote read at new student orientation my first year has stuck with me and epitomizes the Adler experience. Oliver Wendell Holmes was quoted as saying, ‘Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.’ I walked into Adler with one worldview, and graduated with a significantly expanded and diverse worldview; I don’t know where else I would have had the opportunity to develop in such a way. The [forensic] faculty, primarily Dr. Karen Koch, Dr. Douglas Craig, and Dr. Coralie Castro-Craig, were key mentors for me.”

Stephanie Booco, M.A. ’12
Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Evaluator
National Institute for Change & Boulder Community Hospital
Boulder, Colorado

“Adler helped me see that we each have power to change our world in a unique way. I entered Adler with a respect for others, and that grew, but I also learned how to respect myself…. My biggest professional accomplishment is starting a business.  It is a risk, and I am proud that I took it.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’ I am doing that.”

Catherine (Cat) Broadhead, M.A. ’13
Founder/Owner, Summit Performance Consulting, LLC

“As an undergrad, I was highly influenced by Liberation Theology’s mission of service to the sick, the poor and the marginalized. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Adlerian concept of Gemeinschaftsgefühl, which led me to pursue clinical training in Adlerian Psychology. [At Adler] Drs. Jerry Westermeyer and Dan Barnes, were very influential in my career development. Dr. Westermeyer continuously mentored in me the importance of evidence based approaches and responsible use of clinical data. Dr. Barnes mentored me to really engage patients/clients where they are. I’m grateful for their mentorship over the years and continue to keep in touch.”

Dan Han, Psy.D. ’08
Chief of Neuropsychology Service, Clinical Section
University of Kentucky Medical Center

“Adler affected me in so many ways.  I am continually grateful for Larry Axelrod’s mentorship and guidance. Deb Bailey’s warmth and authenticity continue to inspire my own teaching style. Kathleen Irvine has offered me copious support both as a student and now as a colleague. Dan Cooper and Elena Quintana are inspiring colleagues who taught me the importance of collaborative partnerships.”

Natalie DeFreitas, M.A. ’11
Restorative Justice Consultant, educator, and Public Speaker
Counsellor in Private Practice

“Open yourself to all the experience and value you bring to Adler…. My Adler University experience allowed me to explore countless ‘behind the scenes’ focal points in order to better understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ This has given me a unique perspective when considering various organizational challenges and the impact these challenges have on organizational outcomes. To be able to walk into a difficult situation with a tool belt full of I/O psychology tools allows me to consistently be a powerful agent of change.”

Britta Anderson, M.A. ’14
Training & Development Liaison, Mayo Clinic

Read more about these and other Adler alumni sharing their experiences at And share below who and what has shaped you most–we’d love to hear!