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Mental Health Resource Guide: Support Undocumented and ‘DACAmented’ Immigrants

As uncertainty for undocumented immigrant learners continues to build, mental health professionals across the country are uniting to support them.

Adler University’s Center for Civic Learning and Community Action welcomed panelists March 21 to a Chicago campus Common Hour centered on exactly that. The professionals shared tips and a list of resources for those who work with people who are undocumented, participants of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and those who have mixed status families.

Presenters included Maria J. Ferrera, an assistant professor with DePaul University’s Department of Social Work; and Dr. Dana Rush, assistant professor for the University of Illinois’s clinical psychiatry and Dissemination and Implementation Research and Policy programs.

The pair encouraged Adler University community members to reference the growing number of resources included below. All are aimed at supporting clients who identify as immigrants.

What We Need to Know

  • Stay informed
  • Seek consultation & resources
  • Importance of legal counsel
  • Learn about local & state advocacy efforts
  • Acknowledge intersection of marginalized groups
  • Model tolerance and inclusion
  • Practice self-care
  • Build social support

Mental Health Resources

Legal Resources: Know your Rights!

State & National Coalitions

State Coalitions

National Coalitions

Resources for Schools & Educators

Classroom/District Curriculum

Additional Resources

Community Education / Outreach / Training

Inclusion & Awareness Campaigns

Social Media & Arts Campaigns

Narratives of Youth with Undocumented Status

Featured photograph courtesy of Flickr user Molly Adams