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The Promise of Restorative Justice

Blog CoverIn partnership with Chicago-based WGN Radio, Adler has created the podcast On Social Health and Change—a weekly series, in which faculty, students, and community partners address social justice issues.

In episode 1, we discuss the deep problems with the U.S.’s current juvenile justice system and the great potential of investing in restorative justice programs.

Part 1: The Problem With Incarceration

Elena Quintana, Ph.D., Executive Director of Adler’s Institute for Public Safety and Social Justice, describes the racially-biased sentencing practices that ultimately only work to turn minority juvenile offenders into adult offenders.

Listen to Dr. Quintana’s interview on WGN

Part 2: The ROI of Restorative Justice

Dan Cooper, Ph.D., Co-Executive Director of Adler’s Institute on Social Exclusion, explains why investing in communities and restorative justice programs is more effective and less expensive than incarceration.

Listen to Dr. Cooper’s interview on WGN

Part 3: A Better Way

Kelly thumbnail
Father Dave Kelly explains the guiding principles and approaches in practice at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation—a restorative justice program, partnering with Adler University in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Listen to Father Kelly’s interview on WGN