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The Social Determinants of Urban Mental Health: Encouraged, with More Work Ahead

Lynn Todman, Ph.D.

Lynn Todman, Ph.D.

We are encouraged.

In the year since our global conference on “The Social Determinants of Urban Mental Health: Paving the Way Forward,” we have been encouraged by the rapidly increasing conversations and action with and among practitioners, researchers, philanthropists, communities, and policymakers who are advancing and applying social determinants thinking, and a “Health in All Policies” approach, to the policies, social conditions, and structures that impact population well-being.

We are heartened by the growing understanding of how social conditions such as poverty, violence and isolation in many urban areas can harm the mental health of underserved individuals and communities.

So much work lies ahead. We look forward to updating you on new developments about our own work–and receiving updates from you, our partners in promoting population health and well-being.

In the meantime: So much profound and precedent-setting work was shared at “The Social Determinants of Urban Mental Health: Paving the Way Forward–from our colleagues and partners, both local and global, and from our Institute on Social Exclusion in its work with Mental Health Impact Assessment, led by Lynn Todman, Ph.D.   These important presentations and tools deserve revisiting. You’ll find the conference proceedings and additional conference video and highlights online through the Adler School Institute on Social Exclusion.