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Top 10 Reasons to Read our Online Magazine

We are excited to share the stories of our work in Social Change, our online magazine.

The spring issue of Social Change, released today, explores how we are furthering the vision of our co-founders. We are continuing to build on our mission to graduate socially responsible practitioners who are working to promote inclusion, create healthier communities, and advance social justice.

In this issue of Social Change, you can:

Learn about our co-founders and how we are carrying on their legacy.
Adler University lost two of our co-founders, Harold Mosak and Bernard Shulman, in 2018. But their legacy lives on through our alumni, our students, and our institution’s commitment to our Adlerian mission. Learn more.

And read President Raymond E. Crossman’s reflections on the impact that Mosak and Shulman have had on the University and our mission.

Find out how our Vancouver Psy.D. graduates are paving the way in Western Canada.
The future is bright for the first cohort of graduates from our Psy.D. program in Vancouver—the first of its kind in Western Canada. Read more.

Discover what it means to be a change agent.
Meet two students and a faculty member who are change-makers at the University, in their communities, and across the globe.

  • Online student Cheryl Magee has devoted her career to serving her community’s diverse and ever-changing needs.
  • Vancouver student John Gingrich’s experiences at Adler University inspired him to bring art therapy and large-scale public art together to help youth who have been effected by the opioid epidemic.
  • Chicago professor Nataka Moore, Psy.D., recently won the Dr. Alfred Adler Social Justice Award for her work to promote diversity and inclusion.

Learn about how mental health practitioners are helping empower women in the Middle East who have experienced violence.
Jennifer van Wyck, M.A. ’10, and her team work with the many women in the region who are survivors of child marriage, abuse, and rape that occurred during or after Islamic State group control.

Read about how police officers and mental health co-responders work together to serve the needs of the community.
Stephanie Booco, M.A. ’12, joined Fort Collins Police Services as the department’s first mental health co-responder. Booco uses her education and counseling experience to assist responding officers in the northern Colorado city.

Discover what youth sports have to do with violence prevention.
The Adler University Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice recently brought together youth from partner agencies across Chicago to participate in a cross-city basketball tournament. The sports competitions encourage youth, especially those identified as at-risk, to connect to peers across different neighborhoods and engage in positive activities. Learn more.

Learn about poverty simulations and how they can help open minds.
The Institute has developed a poverty simulation to help participants better understand the experiences of marginalized populations. BlueCross BlueShield leaders recently participated in the interactive simulation to better understand many of the people they serve. Learn more.

Find out what are our alumni up to.
We are proud of all of our alumni and the small and large accomplishments they achieve every day in their work as socially responsible practitioners. Here are some updates on their accomplishments. Want to submit your own? Contact

Read about the impact that scholarships make for our students, programs, and communities.
Whether they are from individual donors or foundations, scholarships are essential in helping students of all backgrounds be able to access their education goals. They also help encourage students to pursue their passion of helping create positive change in our world. Learn about how recent donations and grants are making a difference for our students and the communities they want to serve.

Discover how ACHS is helping the formerly incarcerated.
Adler student practitioners have been working with St. Leonard’s Ministries clients through Adler Community Health Services for nearly 20 years. The Chicago-based program provides comprehensive residential, case management, and employment services for those released from prison to provide them with financial and social support as they rebuild their lives. Learn more.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of Social Change. Have a story for the next issue? Send us your ideas!