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Unity, Positivity and Resolutions ‘Blanket’ Chicago Campus Community

“You are enough.”


“You decide.”

“The world is better because you’re in it.”


“You gotta nourish to flourish.”

“Peace by Piece.”

These are just a few of the many expressions Adler University Chicago community members are using to mark the end of one year and start of a new one.

The phrases, drawings and words are all part of the campus’s under way “blanketed with love” quilt — a collaborative effort spearheaded by department chairs and members of the university’s Quilt Making Committee. Its purpose? To promote love, peace and unity, of course. 

Pre-cut canvas pieces, safety pins, coloring and writing materials await hopeful quilt-makers on the campus’s fifteenth floor, where the blanket’s progress will remain displayed through mid-January. Meanwhile, coordinators are urging students, faculty and staff members to take a moment to add their own piece to the piece.

“(Share) positive and encouraging expressions in hopeful sentiments, the love of humanity, commitment to change, promotion of human rights, social justice declarations, and (any) other reassuring resolutions and messages for our continual journeys in these areas,” they said.

The initiative’s facilitators further noted that the quilt represents a unified stance against violence and injustice — the thread that binds all members of the Adler University community.

“Through this quilt, we are looking forward to concluding 2017 and starting 2018 with a positive outlook for our future to come, and an inspiring commitment to what we can do to create this future,” said Tsui-yee Chow, chair of Adler’s department of counselor education and counseling.


Last year, contributors created a 6-foot-long quilt comprised of more than 50 individual entries. Quilt Committee members say they’re looking forward to continuing to build upon the “great quilt of Adler.”



The Quilt Committee represents a hopeful, loving and peaceful bunch of enthusiastic faculty and staff members across departments.