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‘Taking care of our caregivers’: Partnership with Providence expands mental health support


In the Media | 08.23.23

Escaping justice: A flawed investigative body fails to curb RCMP sexual misconduct

The scourge of workplace violence necessitates a seismic shift in our perspective and response. Decisive action is required to prevent and end this crisis within the RCMP and other police forces.

In the Media | 08.16.23

Adler professor shares guidelines for respectful online interactions

James D. Halbert, Ph.D., shares with Reader’s Digest netiquette tips and best practices for online behavior.

Stories | 06.30.23

3 myths about immigration in America

The US is home to more international migrants than any other country. But even though immigration is an actively debated topic, immigrants are poorly understood.

In the Media | 05.21.23

Adler professor shares how to give and receive love after becoming a parent

Rachel Diamond, Ph.D., LMFT, authored a piece for Psychology Today sharing how if you’ve been through a major life transition like new parenthood, your priorities, needs, and desires have likely changed.

In the Media | 05.02.23

Maternal mental health awareness: Adler professor shares why it's important

Maternal mental health disorders have significant long-term impacts not just on the well-being of the person who gave birth but, when untreated, on the whole family. Rachel Diamond, Ph.D., LMFT, the clinical training director for couple and family therapy at Adler University, shares insight on why we need maternal mental health awareness and signs of concern.

In the Media | 04.10.23

Can After-School Programs Help Children Recover From the Pandemic?

Through a partnership with After School Matters, Adler provides free individual counseling for youth participants; access to telehealth services; workshops on mental health awareness, grief, loss, intergenerational trauma and healing; and trainings for instructors to identify youth mental health needs.

In the Media | 04.10.23

LGBTQ Leadership in Higher Education

Why does queer leadership matter? In this book, edited by President Raymond E. Crossman, 15 LGBTQ presidents and chancellors in higher education provide insight into their experiences and highlight the importance of queer leadership for the academy and the world. Read the article on Higher Ed Jobs.

In the Media | 03.30.23

Adler professor shares insight on how to raise children who feel loved and connected

Adjunct Faculty Wendy Kovacs Cortes, Ph.D., LMFT, offers insight in an Authority Magazine article about how to raise children who feel loved and connected.

In the Media | 03.22.23

Moving in with your partner? Talking about these 3 things first can smooth the way, according to a couples therapist

Discussing some key topics before – or even after – they move in together can help couples successfully navigate this step.

In the Media | 03.15.23

How endometriosis affects your sex life: Adler expert weighs in.

Kristina Brown, Ph.D., LMFT, shares insight on addressing and coping with endometriosis when it affects intimacy.

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