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You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs.


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‘Building Community for Social Justice’ celebrations raise $160K for the Adler Opportunity Scholarship Endowment

Momentum to continue on Give Day, to be held May 23-24


Stories | 02.15.24

Adler students address need for more cultural competency training in mental health care for Arab/MENA clients

The chapter provides culturally appropriate considerations for clinicians working with the Arab/MENA population. Readers are able to conceptualize Arab/MENA demographics and cultural variations, along with gaining a clear understanding of the history and identities that comprise the population.

Stories | 02.07.24

About a third of employees have faced bullying at work – here’s how to recognize and deal with it

You’d call the police if a stranger in public did what many bullies at work get away with. 2 researchers who study workplace violence describe the widespread phenomenon.

Stories | 02.05.24

Transforming trauma into stories of hope, healing, and resistance

We can leverage the healing powers of the creative self to help trauma survivors heal and become agents of healing in their communities. I know this because, 20 years ago, I shared a single poem that ignited a decade-long global social justice movement exploring and harnessing the transformative and healing power of art.

Stories | 01.30.24

For Susan L. MacLaurin, first year as trustee reaffirms strength of the Adler community

As Susan L. MacLaurin looks back over her first year on the Board, she’s sharing why — despite some universal challenges in the higher education landscape — she is confident that Adler is poised for a successful future.

University News | 01.29.24

‘How is your sex life?’: Certificate program addresses need for sex therapy training

The Certificate in Sex Therapy program includes courses that challenge students’ perspectives around people’s identities and sex and, using provocative content, facilitate students’ understanding of their biases, prejudices, and beliefs.

University News | 01.22.24

Meet the team: Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Students, staff, and faculty are invited to celebrate the space’s grand opening and see the Center’s vibrant new hub at room 15-100 from noon to 1:30 p.m. CST on Feb. 7.

Stories | 12.07.23

CSIS sexual assault allegations highlight the need for external oversight

The complainants say CSIS’s internal complaint procedure is deficient, leaving people who complain open to reprisals without access to outside assistance.

Stories | 12.06.23

Inaugural Global Forum for Climate Justice, hosted by Adler University, addresses inequities of climate change

The Global Forum for Climate Justice (GFCJ), hosted by Adler University, convened its inaugural three-day conference in October to address climate risks through the lens of environmental justice.

Stories | 11.28.23

Panel examines ways nonprofit leaders, employees can address mental health challenges

Recognizing the urgency and relevancy of addressing the mental health challenges nonprofit leaders and their teams face, Adler University organized and hosted an educational panel discussion on Nov. 8 to promote self-care, well-being, and resiliency for employees.

Stories | 11.13.23

Vancouver graduate speaker seeks to address access-to-care gap in rural hometown

“I genuinely think my cohort and everyone graduating this year will change the world,” Dr. McCleary said. “That change could even start in a rural or remote community.”

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