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Students | Faculty+Staff | Chicago | Online | Vancouver | 02.03.21

Common Hour: Increasing Equity In the Black Community

Empowerment & Advancement: Increasing Equity in the Black Community

Facilitator: Francine Reed, Manager of Community Partnerships at the
Center for Civic Learning & Community Action

Guest: L. Elaine Sutton Mbionwu
L. Elaine Sutton Mbionwu is Creator of The Justice Beat Show and Internship Director of NxGen Media Internship Program. With 30 years of direct professional experience and exposure in civil rights, social change, and justice reform, Elaine built a digitized media broadcast vehicle benefiting marginalized, unmet, and undeserved people and gives back to young people through internship opportunities.

In this Common Hour we will learn how Elaine Sutton Mbionwu uses the principles of social justice in her work to inform, equip, and empower families, touched by incarceration, with guidance on how to advocate boldly and confidently on behalf of their loved one through her talk show, The Justice Beat. She furthers her community work with the talk show by offered year-round internships to undergraduate so they may obtain experiential, project-based learning exposure leading to a pathway to professional positions in the broadcast and the media industry.

Francine Reed and Elaine will also discuss and celebrate advancements in the Black community have made throughout the year and the work still needed to increase equity.

Hosted by the Adler Diversity & Inclusion Committee as we celebrate Black History Month





February 3, 2021


12:00 - 1:00 pm CST

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