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Students | Faculty+Staff | Chicago | Online | Vancouver | 09.30.20

Common Hour: Reviving Our Black and Brown Communities

Featuring: Crystal Toran, Adler MPA Criminal Justice Candidate

For the past 6 months Black and Brown communities have been surrounded by endless deaths and heartaches. Throughout this season, there has been a collective cry, from many marginalized groups, to come together and find a solution to lessen the suffering. Whether this pain is stemming from the senseless murders of Black people at the hands of police, the disproportionate rates of COVID-19 wiping out the ones they love or this capitalistic economy continuing to place them in debt, Black and Brown people are looking for relief.

Now is our time to discuss. Join me this Common Hour for a conversation centered around Victim Advocacy and what it means to restore individuals while healing them. We will explore ideas on how to utilize the resources in our communities for self-preservation and community advancement. Come ready to chat.





September 30, 2020


12:00 - 1:00 pm CST

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