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Prospective Students | Chicago | 04.12.23

Global Discussion Live from India: Inclusive Public Health in India-Technology, Policy, and the Political Economy

Public health is not just the responsibility of individuals, but also of society as a whole.

The intersection of technology, policy, and political economy in the realm of inclusive public health in India is a complex and evolving landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the need for effective public health systems and access to healthcare for all. Recognizing that individuals and communities have unique strengths and resources that can be leveraged to promote well-being, it is worth looking into how community center’s approaches to healthcare in India are transformed by technology, policy, and political economy, while offering unique lessons and models for the world.

In this discussion, experts from various fields including public health, technology, economics, and policy will analyze the challenges and opportunities of utilizing such models to enhance public health outcomes in India.

The central theme of the discussion is the need for equitable access to public health services for all populations, including marginalized and underrepresented communities.





April 12, 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am CST


[email protected]

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