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Students | Alumni | Faculty+Staff | Chicago | Online | Vancouver | 03.03.23

The Universal Need of Belongingness: How to Understand It, Assess It, and Increase It

The world has embraced the truth that every human being desires to belong, to be accepted, and to be part of something. Alfred Adler was the first in the field of psychiatry and psychology to propose this fundamental need around 1910, but many do not accurately attribute this to Adler. Several assessments have been created to measure belongingness. Many studies have demonstrated links between having a sense of belongingness and positive mental health factors or lacking that sense of belongingness and negative mental health outcomes.

This keynote presentation by Dr. Susan Belangee provides an in-depth look at this essential need, the ways it can be assessed, and the ways it can be increased. The keynote will be followed by small group facilitated experiential activities.





March 3, 2023


12:00 - 2:00 pm CST


Marina Bluvshtein

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