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Students | Alumni | Faculty+Staff | Chicago | Online | Vancouver | 05.12.22

#Whatshappeningin Webinar event – Myanmar The Spring Revolution: Myanmar’s “New” Unity in Diversity

In Myanmar, precious lives have become the currency for a freer future. After experiencing a brutal and bloody coup d’état in February 2021, the people of Myanmar courageously rose up against the military under the ‘Spring Revolution’ banner. Though coups and revolutions are not alien to the people, the Spring Revolution is an avant-garde occurrence that pushes the people to embrace a newfound unity in their diversity. While the Spring Revolution endures on the streets, the hills, and the internet until this very day, the world must not forget about the people of Myanmar and their unyielding endeavours for freedom.





May 12, 2022


12:00 - 1:00 pm PST


Holly Ho

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