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Chicago | Project Assistant | Institute on Public Safety & Social Justice

Alaina Hanke



Alaina Hanke is a current master’s student at Adler University getting two master’s degrees, one in clinical mental health counseling and one in forensic mental health leadership. She completed her undergraduate degree at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana in psychology and criminology. At ILCHEP, she is responsible for maintaining consistent communication channels with incarcerated people through the GTL system. In addition, Alaina is a leader of IL-CHEP’s Student Leaders of Criminal Justice Reform Committee, which strives to advance student involvement in criminal justice reform through education, relationship building, and direct involvement in advocacy. Through IL-CHEP, she has created several resource materials, including guides on college scholarships, trade schools, and technology usage in this technologically advanced world.

Chicago Campus

Located in the heart of the city, the Adler Chicago campus was designed to provide and inspire the learning and living experience. To that end, we have created an environment that caters to your mental, emotional and intellectual growth. Our classrooms are bright and spacious with windows to the outside world. Our technology is the very latest and best. In our Library, you will find every resource you need to research, form and shape your journey. At Adler, we have made it our mission to create a space with more than enough room to share your thoughts and flex your intellect.

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