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James Makokis

James Makokis

Dr. James Makokis is one of Canada’s leading experts related to Indigenous culture, traditions, values, and customs. Dr. Makokis also currently heads one of Canada’s leading LGBTQ2 and Transgender focused medical practices and commits himself to save lives through his progressive empathetic approach to medicine. His approach to medicine incorporates First Nation healing practices to connect the mind, body, and spirit for his patients. Dr. Makokis is a role model within the LGBTQ2, Medical, and Indigenous communities as he regularly consults numerous organizations on mental health, preventative health, health access, health and wellness, diversity, inclusion, housing access, cultural sensitive medicine, patient-focused medical practices, health, social programming, social services, and social policies for any institute or organization that is working to create a better experience and equal treatment for all. Dr. Makokis provides information on his struggling years as a youth, and his resiliency to become who he is today. Dr. James Makokis and his partner Anthony Johnson also recently became the first Two-Spirit team to compete on the Amazing Race Canada and are both getting national attention for their participation on the show, while bringing new awareness to gender, sexuality, and First Nation issues.

Dr. Makokis will provide inspirational stories and practical insights on how his own experience in being excluded and segregated as a First Nation and Two-Spirit person. He offers practical insights for teaching others about the importance of culture, spirituality, health, self-confidence, community access, support, and policies to help improve the quality of life for Indigenous and LGBTQ2 peoples. Dr. Makokis has faced off with many Government leaders and is at the forefront of shifting Government and individuals perspectives on Indigenous and Non-Indigenous best practices. Dr. Makokis is a leader among Canadian First Nation community and is a primary resource for the Provincial and National Governments and many Alberta Health Service Agencies.