Creating dialogue on issues related to 
social justice and social responsibility.

Creating dialogue on issues related to
social justice and social responsibility.

A Movement for Social Justice: Socially Responsible Practice

The previous iteration of Adler University’s manifesto on socially responsible practice, The SRP Project (2012), began with the observation that while social media vastly increased connections among people, the actual sense of society was diminished. Similarly, global interdependency was viewed as being more evident at the same time nations were struggling to respond to the “critical demands of a global economy, financial downturns, unjust regimes, genocide, and increasing demands for dwindling resources.”

In some ways the context in which we live and work has changed almost beyond recognition since the last paper, fueled in part by the pace and speed of both information and disinformation. In other ways, the social ills and challenges named then remain unchanged. But the work at Adler University, through our curricula, centers and institutes, and multiple programs and practices that advance justice, continues to advance the understanding and application of the still radical organizing principles of Alfred Adler. In this advance, there is movement. This movement can be seen in Adler University students, faculty, staff, graduates, and community partners.

Socially responsible practice remains the central Adlerian approach to achieving social justice. At Adler University, our mission remains to graduate socially responsible practitioners, and this is accomplished through instruction, collective reflection, collaboration, skill development, and activism for social justice.Socially responsible practitioners are educated at our three campuses to be effective personal and social change agents in the pursuit of justice. Because Adler University students, faculty, and staff embrace social justice and work hard to make socially responsible practice a reality, the practice is less a concept and promise than when it was described in the University’s first paper on the topic. Now it is also less a “project” than it was in 2012. It has now become a collective movement for justice.

This paper, A Movement for Justice: Socially Responsible Practice, will define socially responsible practice as it is understood at this time at Adler University, its origins, and how it has become the University’s critical value proposition. The paper provides an overview of how socially responsible practice is enacted, and how it affects curriculum and the whole university environment. Finally, this paper explores benefits of socially responsible practice and comments on future opportunities.

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Common Book Program

In 2010, Adler University launched the Common Book Program to develop community by creating dialogue across multiple constituencies on issues related to social justice and social responsibility.  For information on recent Common Book titles, see the Common Book Program Guide.

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